VonHohn Family

I am thankful for this beautiful family who took time for photos the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day.  


Look at this stunning little doll!  I really enjoyed photographing Lacey and her two big brothers and her dad.  


Welcome Luke!  This growing boy was 11 days old in these images.  He is a sweet bundle of blessings for his family.  --- Yes, that is a blue-eyed Wookiee holding Luke! 

Mars Family

This beautiful couple is celebrating 50 years together.  Their family traveled great distances to celebrate with them.  Congratulations Jeannie & Lee.


Ava has the most beautiful hair and family.

McCoy Girls

Julianne is having her first birthday and all the girls are gorgeous in their Easter dresses.  It was a beautiful day with beautiful girls!

McKenna - Cake Smash!

McKenna loved the cake icing.  The awesome cake was made by Jamesa Jones. The blackboard was made by Stan Whitaker. 

McKenna - BC (Before Cake)

This little doll is having her first birthday!  These are my favorites of the pictures taken BEFORE the cake was smashed.

February Snow Day

We finally got some snow this winter!  My kitten, Mac, is a wimp.  He was very interested in the snow, but all he did was look and sniff.


Ryan's big sisters are proud to announce that their brother came early.  He's a tiny little slugger!

Lewis family

The city park was our playground for this family's photo session.

Pemberton sneak peak

The Pemberton family is growing!


These are scenes from Caddo Lake on Thanksgiving Day.  Calm winds made the lake a mirror and the sun made the Spanish moss glow.

Lake Sneak Peak

We had a blast at the state park!  These kids are so cute -- it was tough choosing just a few

State Park Color

I went to Daingerfield State Park and walked part of the lake trail.  At first, I was a little disappointed by the gloomy skies, but God brought out the sun for a few minutes to highlight the colorful trees for me.  

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty, design, and grace that you give us.

Stewart Sneak Peek

Daingerfield State Park provided beautiful backgrounds for a beautiful family.  We hiked to the bridge on the lake trail with a stroller and wagon and the results were worth the effort.  I love these photos on the bridge and trail. 

State Park Colors

On this day, the lake was a mirror - full of color.  This display of God's artwork will only last a couple of weeks - so go see the beauty in Daingerfield State Park.